online or in-person guitar sessions 

“Andrew – I absolutely LOVE working with you, both virtually and in person. The virtual thing has always been a little dicey for me, as I’m not able to give guidance with tone and direction on specific parts I’m hearing. You’ve made it a delight, because your tone is always SUPERB and you have GREAT arrangement ideas! I also love that I get files from you that are CLEARLY labeled (i.e. Bridge EG1, Verse 1 Delay EG, etc.) so I know exactly when to use them and my sessions end up being organized in a clear way … I can’t stress enough just how helpful that is to a Producer!! Anyway, just wanted to say THANKS again for all you do to help me create great music …”

Chris Springer



After recording guitars on over 800 projects and producing over 200 tracks, I’ve got the experience required to make your project great! I’ve worked with clients from every continent except Antarctica covering a wide variety of genres and styles.


Andrew is a top notch guitarist. His attention to intonation and timing is on par with the legends that perform on every hit record coming out of Nashville. It's clear that he's a student of guitar, and he's constantly evolving and developing as a player. On top of his well developed craft, he's a great hang in the studio. I honestly can't think of a situation where Andrew shouldn't be a first call session player.



Artist & Songwriter

Andrew is my secret weapon to blow my clients' minds. I've hired Andrew for a LOT of projects by now, and he's crushed it every time. On a full-length country project, he delivered the works. On a glam metal single, he went full Steve Vai. For unplugged projects, he elevates things with classy dobro. No matter the project, he toggles between showmanship and restraint as needed. When revisions are needed, they're quick & easy. Every song has character and the solos sparkle with personality & skill. Communication is clear & delivery is quick. I love it!



Record Producer & Sound Designer

Andrew is one of the finest session guitarists I have ever worked with, and I have been working in and around the industry for the past 15 years. He has exceptional finger tone, an amazing sense of which sounds and textures will compliment your track, and, he understands how to shape parts that artfully fit your musical vision. He is an astonishing talent. We will work together on many projects moving forward. I am so grateful.




Andrew is a rare find. As a player, he's got over-the-top chops, incredible tone and is well-versed in many different styles. As a contractor, he's fast, efficient, communicative, technically savvy and simply a pleasure to work with. Our software project was a bit tedious at times and he blasted through all our requirements with precision and professionalism - helping us beat our deadlines. We will definitely be using him again for future recording projects!



Music Software Developer

By far the fastest, most creative and professional musician i've worked with! This guy is a BEAST. For this project, I had a vision but couldn't quite put it into to words. Andrew was patient enough to try every playing style, amp tone and rhythm to crystallize the parts that were needed for the project. He has the perfect combination of creativity and ego-less guitar mastery. Hire him now.




I have had the honor of working in the studio with Andrew Timothy on several occasions. Andrew has tracked electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, and has even helped arrange and assist on a few of my sessions. Andrew is a fantastic player that plays with no compromises and has exceptional attention to detail. He is always up to date with current tones, styles, licks, and playing techniques. Whether it is a screaming electric solo, or a delicate acoustic fingerpicked passage, he is always prepared and on the mark every time. I highly recommend him as a session guitarist.




I've been working with Andrew for the last 2 and a half years, and he has never disappointed. He's quick, reliable and well equipped to provide constructive and tasteful guitar parts for any song, of any genre. Andrew's my guy when it comes to elegant and tasteful guitar tracking. He's both reliable and diligent. Collaborate with him for your next project, he certainly won't disappoint.



Andrew was super accommodating with a really tight turnaround and limited material to work with. I’m definitely coming back. My artist was satisfied after the first take.




Great playing, Andrew. Thank you. Andrew quickly picked up the mood of the song and enhanced it with a clean, clear, and evocative style. Quick, friendly, and professional service.




He knocked it out of the park again. I'm not a musician, so I'm not very good with the technical jargon. But he did a killer job of interpreting my layman's speak and producing exactly what I was hearing in my head. I'll be back for more projects! Sick guitarist for sure!




Highly recommended!!! It's honestly the best experience that I've ever had with any guitar player in my entire life! He is so dedicated, detail oriented and very creative. He won't stop until he has the right tone and the right mood for the song.




Andrew was amazing to work with. Lightning fast and delivered the perfect acoustic guitar tracks. No revisions needed! I'll definitely be back for more.




Andrew Timothy is one of the finest professional guitarists, instructors, and players in Nashville TN. If you are a Songwriter that needs top quality work done online or in the studio, Andrew is the one for you! We send him very rough demos, and he turns them into masterpieces in a very timely manner. We have nothing but great praise for his work and the artistic creativity he brings to the Songs. Andrew is definitely a master at his craft




Check out the playlists below for several examples of my session work.


How do remote sessions work?

It’s a pretty simple process. Once you book me for a session, you’ll start by sending me stems or a rough mix mp3 of the song in production along with instructions of the type part(s) you’d like for me to record. I’ll then record my track(s) and send you a demo to check out. If you’d like revisions or additions, just let me know and I’ll get those updates done. If you’re happy with the track(s), we’ll finalize payment and then I’ll send the high res audio files to you. Easy!

Are you available to record locally?

Yes! I do more remote sessions than local sessions these days, but I still LOVE doing in-person sessions. If you’re planning on recording in or around Nashville, I’d love to work with you.

I’m also willing to travel for session work. If that’s something you want to do, I’d love to make it happen.

What styles/genres are you best at?

Short answer…most pop styles. Rock, pop, country, modern worship, ambient, R&B, singer/songwriter, blues. These styles are my home base as a guitarist.

Longer answer…as a university educated musician and a career session player/composer in Nashville my musical influences and experiences are deep and varied. I have a classical guitar background. I love choral music. I’ve composed orchestral pieces, reggae tracks, hiphop tracks, Irish rock tracks, period-type pieces for a TV show about Abraham Lincoln…just to name a few. With such diverse musical experiences, I feel well-equipped to handle almost any session thrown my way. 

How soon can you get my guitar tracks recorded?

That depends on my workload and travel schedule at any given point. Generally, I only travel on the weekends, and even then I can usually track electric guitars from the road. 

I can almost always guarantee tracks done within a week of receiving the order, usually quicker. Let me know if you need something on a really tight deadline and I’ll do everything I can to work with you on it.

What's your rate?

Rates start at $75 for a single track. Rates top out at $250 for a “full treatment” session where I pile on as many tracks as needed to make your song sound fully produced and layered.

Other variables that could affect the rate are how quickly you need the tracks and complexity/length of the song.

Every project is unique, so get in touch and we can figure out a budget that makes sense for your project.

My rates include up to 2 rounds of revisions if needed. If additional revisions are needed they will be charged at $50/round.

Additionally, I can provide dry DI tracks along with amp recordings for electric guitars for $25/song and can send edited/quantized guitar tracks for $50/song.

Do you offer discounts for multiple song orders?

YES! Working on an EP or a full length album? Let me know up front and I’ll give you a discount for batch orders.

How do payments work?

Payment is not required until you sign off on my guitar tracks. Once you’re happy and ready to receive the final high res files, you can pay via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App.

What gear do you use? What guitars do you have?

I track through an Apollo Twin X interface into Logic Pro X. My mic of choice for acoustic instruments is an Audio Technica AT4033a condenser mic.

As far as guitars, I have a variety of acoustic and electric instruments to choose from. All your standard pieces (dreadnought, classical, tele, strat, 335, les paul, gretsch), plus several more auxiliary type instruments. For a detailed list of all my gear including amps and effects CLICK HEREPics included!

Do you know any drummers/pianists/bass players/etc?

Yep. One of the major benefits of being based in Nashville is that I have a wide network of world class musicians right here. If your project is needing something other than guitars, let me know and there’s a good chance I can connect you with any type instrumentalist you need. I also know some fantastic mixing/mastering engineers. Just let me know what you need and my network can become yours!

Why should I hire you and not some other guitarist?

Here are a few reasons…

  1. Versatility. Combine a classical University music education with real-world experience in the studios and stages of Nashville and you get a well-rounded and versatile musician.
  2. Experience. I’ve recorded on over 800 projects for clients from all over the world, in addition to producing my own catalog of over 200 compositions.
  3. Professionalism. I go above and beyond to be professional with my communication, quality of work, attention to detail, and overall experience provided to YOU, the client.
  4. I’m a composer/producer. In other words, when I’m arranging and recording guitar parts I’m envisioning the wider scope of the song. I can get in the headspace of a producer because I am one! I approach each song on its own terms and for its own creative end.

Scroll up and read some testimonials from past clients for a few more reasons why you should hire me.


It’s my absolute joy to bring life to the musical vision of creators like you. Click the button below and submit a contact form to get the process started.

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