Little More Nowhere – New Frank Foster Single

Jan 17, 2023Updates

Frank Foster’s new single “Little More Nowhere” is out on all digital streaming and purchasing services. You can stream it below.

As always, Frank used his touring band to record the song. I co-produced the track, played acoustic and (some of the) electric guitars, and mixed the track.

For those interested, the acoustic guitar is my Collings D2H. I played my Suhr JM with P90s for my main rhythm electric pass through my 1965 Deluxe Reverb. I pushed the amp with a Mythos Mjolnir overdrive pedal. My lead parts (including the guitar solo at the end of the track) were played on my PRS DGT through a Revv D20 amp.

The rhythm tracks, keys, and vocals were recorded at Welcome to 1979 on the west side of Nashville. Additional guitar layers and lead guitars were recorded at my home studio, where I also mixed the track.

I hope you dig the track! And if you wanna hear us play it live, check out our upcoming tour dates.

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