Rutbuster: Play Without a Pick

Aug 3, 2021Guitar Lessons

This is the second post in a series called Rutbusters. Check out the first post if you haven’t already.

The idea for this second rutbuster is super simple…play without a pick.

This is not a lesson on fingerstyle guitar. It’s just my attempt to get you electric players to try playing without a pick.

Here are 8 unique benefits that playing sans plectrum will achieve for you.

  1. You have a more direct connection with the guitar than you do when using a pick.
  2. Open-voiced chords using non-adjacent strings are easier to grab. This can give you a more piano-like sound with your rhythm guitar playing.
  3. Arpeggios are easier to play.
  4. You will have a warmer/more organic attack on the notes you play. Or you could grow your nails a bit for more sharpness and articulation.
  5. String muting happens more naturally.
  6. Ever dropped a pick in the middle of a solo? Problem solved.
  7. String skipping licks are much easier without a pick.
  8. You can add some counterpoint (multiple melodies played simultaneously) to your playing.

Hopefully this short list will inspire you to drop the pick for a while. For more inspiration, head over to youtube and watch some Jeff Beck videos.

Did I miss anything? Leave a comment and tell me about your own experience playing without a pick.

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