Cookin’ Up Tones – Vol. 1

Jul 28, 2021Gear, Guitar Tone

For this new Cookin’ Up Tones series I’ll be demoing an interesting tone that I’ve come up with. Then I’ll let you hear the dry amp tone, followed by samples of each pedal in the signal chain added one at a time. This allows you to hear what each pedal or effect does for the overall tone.

Check out the video below to see Cookin’ Up Tones – Vol. 1.

In this volume, I wanted to demonstrate a reverb technique that I really like. It’s actually pretty simple, but has a very cool sound. The main idea is to set the mix on the reverb pedal all the way up to 100%. The removes all the dry signal from the tone so all you hear is the reverb signal.

I’m running stereo from my pedalboard into 2 different amp sims…the left side is a Matchless sim from my Fractal Audio Axe FX2, and the right side is a Deluxe Reverb sim coming from Guitar Rig 5. Both amps are set mostly clean with just a touch of breakup.

The Gear

Suhr JM with P-90s
Line6 HX Effects (stereo Glitz reverb)
Source Audio Ventris (Lo-fi and Offspring reverb engines in stereo)
Fractal Audio Axe FX 2 and Guitar Rig for amp/cab simulation
Recorded into Logic Pro X via Apogee Duet

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